Sunday, July 24, 2011

Blogger Redux

I suck at blogging. My last post was almost a year and a half ago!?!?

Looking back on my entries I seem too worried about dating and meeting the right guy than what should have been at the top of my priority list-being a good parent.

I must admit, I do not think I am a bad parent. My son has manners, he is well behaved in public, and often wants to help. If these were the only things that made the definition of what it is to be a good parent then I have mastered it! I mean, who else taught him to say excuse me when adults are speaking so as not to be rude and interrupt???!!!

As I write this however, I have sent him to his room for probably he 20th time today(it's noon). My patience are shot, my temper has risen, and I no longer have the desire to be around my 5 year old today. I want to give up. I asked him to write "thank you" cards today. WHAT A NIGHTMARE.

I know that his defiance is small compared to other ways he could be acting, however he won't do it and has proceeded to be rude and talk back.

SO, today I have resigned to writing this entry as an outlet to my frustrations and inadequacies as a parent, a Mom, a single-Mom in the hope I will feel better.

I guess we'll see...

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